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Ditcher Attachments
Boom or Side Mount

  • 22" head deflector on hood on intermediate boom- reversible kit available
  • Head moves in & out while tractor stays stationery on road

  • 22" rotary ditcher head mounted on first boom of any boom mower
  • Reaches 170" from tractor center
  • Available as replacement of Mower Head or complete Assembly

Ditcher Head

1. Ditcher head will interchange with mower cutting head on side mount and intermediate Boom, or on end of primary boom on long boom mowers.
2. Cutting width has 22" of actual cut.
3. Cutting assembly as a rotary type, hydraulically driven.

Cutting assembly is a steel disk 1/2" thick with 3 gusseted knife mounting pads and 3 gusseted clean up mounting pads attached.

5. Cutting assembly is equipped with 3 replaceable knives, 3/8" thick and 3 clean up paddles.

Cutting assembly has a 3/8" steel bonnet with 3/8" high abrasive type, replaceable wear liner.

7. Cutting assembly has hydraulically controlled deflector chute.
8. Cutting head has 135 degrees of combined rotation.
9. Cutting head weight is 750 pounds.

Spindle is 7-1/2" in diameter at widest area and is solid steel machined to fitness.  It is 11" long with a 3-1/4" wheel side bearing and 2" drive side bearing.

11. Spindle mounted in double tapered roller bearings, sealed, and with oil bath.
12. Spindle RPM is 600.
13. Hydraulic motor is cast iron gear type.
14. Cutting assembly is attached to the spindle by six (6) 5/8", grade 8 bolts.
15. Cutting head reach is 170", when mounted on boom. 

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